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Advanced Repair Hairology Capsules (30 Capsules)


Lengthen. Strengthen. Repair.
As part of your daily routine, Hairology delivers longer, thicker hair by reducing hair thinning and supporting hair growth!

Encourage hair growth and support healthier hair with Vida Glow Hairology, a daily vegan supplement that contains an efficacious active - AnaGain™, to reduce hair loss. One capsule of Vida Glow Hairology contains a nutritionally dense blend of vitamins, minerals and extracts that are necessary for optimal hair growth. Take one a day for 30 days and allow Hairology to improve your hair quality.



How does Vida Glow Hairology work?

The hair cycle can be broken down into three phases, anagen (growing) phase, catagen (transitional phase) and telogen (resting/shedding) phase. When there is a delay between the telogen (shedding) phase and the anagen (growing) phase, this is when hair loss and thinning occur. 

Vida Glow uses its own patented ingredient, AnaGain™, to significantly reduce the numbers of hair falling out between those two phases by providing high levels of nutrients required for optimal hair growth.

What are the key features and benefits of Vida Glow Hairology?

  • Supports hair growth
  • Targets the cause of hair thinning
  • Supports healthy hair follicles
  • Supports hair strength
  • Maintains hair thickness
  • Reduces excessive shedding
  • Supports thyroid function
  • Reduces free radicals
  • In clinical trials, AnaGain™ visibly reduced hair loss by 34% after 28 days of supplementation
  • Vegan capsules
  • Once-daily consumption

What are the key ingredients of Vida Glow Hairology?

This trademarked ingredient is an extract derived from organic pea sprouts. These contain high levels of phytonutrients such as L-arginine and isoflavones, which have shown to aid with hair growth. In its clinical study, AnaGain™ reduced hair loss by 34% in just 1 month and 37% after 2 months

A type of edible brown algae with a high nutrient profile, this seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are necessary for maintaining healthy hair growth. Bladderwrack is also rich in iodine, a trace mineral which is essential for a healthy thyroid - the gland responsible for producing the healthy hormones that encourage healthy hair.

How do you take Vida Glow Hairology?

Consume one capsule daily with food until you have completed the bottle (30 days).