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This minimally invasive treatment delivers small pinpricks to the first layer of skin, producing new collagen - and elastin- rich tissue.

Skin needling helps to reduce the appearance of scars, stubborn pigmentation and improves skin tone and texture, fortified by an ‘ampoule booster’ (a highly-activated and therapeutic serum) and LEDHealite Therapy.

This treatment increases topical product penetration of up to 200%, so be prepared to fall in love with your skincare routine.

Microneedling can help improve:

✓ Wrinkles
✓ Photoaging
✓ Flaccidity
✓ Irregular texture
✓ Dilated pores
✓ Dehydration
✓ Blemishes and skin pigmentation
✓ Uneven skin tone
✓ Under eye bags
✓ Scarring

What are the benefits of Micro-needling?

1. Immediate improvements in your skin’s appearance
After the first session, you will notice immediate results in the texture and appearance of your skin.

Micro-needling promotes the production of collagen and elastin causing the skin to start repairing itself. This process begins immediately after the procedure. Even after the first session, you will notice a glow and tightening of the skin.

As micro-needling is minimally invasive, there is no real downtime so you can go about your day as usual. You may have some redness on your skin for the first day, but this will quickly fade, revealing more youthful, healthier skin underneath. While there are immediate improvements to your skin, your best results should appear in a couple weeks after the treatment.


2. Micro-needling Reduces Scarring and Hyper-pigmentation
If you suffer from acne scars or hyper-pigmentation, micro-needling could offer you a great solution. Acne scars are notorious for being difficult to treat, but micro-needling has been shown to have great results with acne scarring. It does so by breaking up the scar tissue and triggering collagen production.

According to News Medical, micro-needling has been shown to help rejuvenate and decrease inflammation and scarring from acne. It also “increases collagen and skin rejuvenating cell markers to help heal scarring”.

For more severe acne scars you may need longer needles to penetrate the skin and treat the acne scars that occur beneath the surface level. This is why it is crucial to visit a professional, so you don’t create new damage to your skin.

So if you are someone who has suffered from acne scars, consider booking in a micro-needling treatment!


3. Micro-needling Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
As you age, the collagen in your skin starts to degrade naturally. This is when you may notice changes such as sagging in your skin and wrinkles. The great thing about micro-needling is that it helps to stimulate more collagen and elastin to give you back your youthful skin. As it helps to trigger the generation of new skin cells, it can help with issues such as saggy skin, fine lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles.

Not only does micro-needling help reduce existing fine lines and wrinkles, but it can actually prevent new wrinkles from occurring.


4. Increases The Effectiveness of Treatments
Micro-needling enhances the skin’s abilities to absorb products, making them more effective. The tiny punctures made during the process allow topical medications penetrate the skin more efficiently. This allows you to fully benefit from the products applied after the micro-needling treatment.


5. Helps to Stimulate Hair Growth
There has also been evidence that micro-needling can help reduce hair loss by regenerating hair follicles. This can result in new hair growth and thicker hair. This is particularly effective when used in conjunction with other treatments such as minoxidil and topical steroids to stimulate hair follicle growth. According to the NCBI, “it is thought that micro-needling facilitates penetration of such first-line medications, and this is one mechanism by which it promotes hair growth”.


6. It can be done all over your body
The great thing about micro-needling is that it isn’t just limited to your face! If you suffer from problem areas on your body such as stretch marks, acne scars on your back or other areas, you can also have these micro-needled!


7. Minimal Downtime
As we mentioned earlier, there is minimal down-time when it comes to micro-needling. Unlike laser treatments or chemical peels which are usually more abrasive and require more time to heal, with micro-needling you can go about your day as usual. You will have some minimal redness for 1-2 days, but nothing too severe, just make sure to protect your face from the sun!